Snow Day!

A real Snow Day in Eastern North Carolina only comes by every couple of years here! The average snowfall for Havelock, NC is estimated to be a little over 1 inch of snow, while the US averages over 26 inches every year! This year we got 5 inches and as you can assume everyone was very excited!26195480_10155974676474793_48106986487209156_n

6:30 this morning the sound of little feet running down the stairs filled the house, along with the screams of excitement as they looked out the front door and saw all the snow on the ground. These southern born babies don’t have any snow gear so instead I dressed them in 3 pairs of pants, 2 shirts, 2 pairs of socks and some cowboy boots, and they were good to go! Watching their little faces light up as they ran out of the house grabbing snow to chuck at each other and flopping down to make snow angels, they were having the time of their lives. This Maine Momma was in heaven as well, don’t get me wrong I don’t miss the blizzards and the winters that last way to long. I do however miss the first snow of the season, the excitement that came with knowing that snow was coming, how it made everything look so pretty.
Growing up in Maine taught me a lot, I didn’t appreciate it as a child but looking back at my childhood now I wouldn’t have it any other way. The memories I made in the snow where some of the best, my family would use the giant snow piles the plow would make plowing our driveway, and have a contest to see how far we could go on our snow tubs. We would do weekend trips to the mountains to go skiing and of course have the ultimate snowball fights! As we spent the day outside today using boogie boards as sleds, having snowball fights and just enjoying the snow it made me realize how blessed I was as a child and how much I wish we could raise our children in Maine. For now, we will soak in the snow we get every couple year, it’s like a little sweet treat for us!



– Homefront Housewife


Mrs. Homefront Housewife

Mrs. Homefront Housewife

The time has come where I should probably introduce myself, you may have been wondering who is “Homefront Housewife” and what is she about? Well today I’ll give you a little peek into who I am and what this blog is about. My name is Danielle, and I am a military spouse of over 7 years. My husband Matthew is currently serving in the United States Marine Corps and has been for the last 10 years. I have been by his side for pretty much the entire ride. I am also a mother of two balls of energy, sassy but still very sweet, kind-hearted little girls, but don’t get me wrong they are far from perfect.99

You might be wondering what exactly this blog going to be about? Is it just another run of the mill military spouse blog giving advise on how to PCS,  navigate a deployment, etc? Not really, I hope to gear this blog toward my personal life experience; what I have been through, what the majority of military spouses can relate to, and to show you that you are not alone. This won’t be like most blogs where their lives seem a little too perfect, I’ll go into everything, my highs and when I was at my ultimate low.  When I hated the Marine Corps, to how I dealt with Postpartum Depression while my husband was deployed to Afghanistan and then again when he was in Japan. It will also feature the amazing people I have met, the friends that have turned into my family, the benifits and pitfalls of being stationed in one location for over 10 years. It will also feature those wonderful hallmark moments of Homecomings and show case the amazing work of the military spouse photographers I have hired to capture those moments.1

This blog will cover a lot, from being a military spouse, a mother, a wife, and of course I’ll add in all the little DIY things that I absolutely love! I hope you enjoy what is about to come, maybe even get a laugh or two! Please feel free to comment, share, message me, and if you see me out in town stop me and say hi!




Pictures Credit:

Homecoming Pictures: Sarah Burke with Sera Bella Photography

Homecoming Dress : Pink Blush

Sunflower field with my girls:  Chrissie Kirk with Bella Luce Photography