Lets catch up!

Well Hello There!

It has clearly been some time since I last blogged and figured it was about time I jumped back on here! If you follow me on Instagram you know that a lot has changed for our family and if you don’t, you should, you are clearly missing out on all my sweet pictures!

For those that have no idea what is going on let me fill you in! Matt graduated from TBS (The Basic School) in May and became a Warrant Officer for the USMC. In April, we got orders that we would be moving to California! After almost 11 years in NC we were officially changing bases! A week after Matts graduation the movers arrived, and we were off! After 6 days of traveling we officially made it to our new home!

Well it has officially been a month since we have made California our home.  So far, we have really enjoyed our time here and everything California has to offer. We are completely unpacked and settled in. Our movers were amazing, they gave us major tips on the most effective way to unpack which helped a lot, we were about 90% unpacked before they even left. We moved into a great neighborhood filled with lots of kids and everyone is so sweet.

Greetings from San Diego

There is still a lot to get used to, the traffic, the way the roads are set up have been a huge adjustment that I’m still not a fan of! Other than that, it has been a nice change of pace to have so much to do right near us. I even found myself complaining that I would have to drive 20 mins the other day…which if you know Eastern North Carolina, it takes 20 mins to just get to Target!

I did create my California Bucket List that we have been slowing crossing off. I really wish I would have done this when I first moved to North Carolina. The girls and I have been hiking around San Diego and seeing what all these little towns have to offer! Between all the yummy food and attractions, we have stayed very busy.

La Jolla Secret Swing Hike

So here is to the next 3 years of making California our home and seeing what the west coast has to offer our family! I promise I will jump on here more and let ya’ll know how our time is going and what California has to offer!


– Homefront Housewife


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