Deployment and Murphy’s Law. Oh, Joy.

As my husband’s old unit preps for deployment it had me thinking I’m kind of sad that we aren’t going on this one. I know, you can call me crazy! It is a different feeling watching everyone prep for deployment and for the first time in 10 years you aren’t part of that.

On the other hand, I am so relieved because that means that Murphy’s Law will not be knocking on my front door this time! If you are not familiar with the saying it goes “If something can go wrong, it will”. Unfortunately, it will always happen after your spouse leaves for a deployment or a long training exercise. I have been subjected of Murphy’s Law for way to long, to the point where I was soon called Mrs. Fixit by the other spouses. This last deployment Murphy’s Law was in full force with our family, here’s what my last deployment looked like…



The day before my husband left he forced me to go get my knee looked at, all weekend I couldn’t put any weight on my right foot. So I went, I knew I had to have done something to it at the gym, I just didn’t know what and neither did the Doctor. Due to the amount of swelling I was ordered to be on complete bedrest for a month. Hahaha bedrest with a 3 and 4-year-old and a husband leaving for 8 months…ya okay Doc! The next day my husband left for deployment number 6. As I was leaving base I got pulled over right by the front gate, I totally didn’t notice my speed, my bad, I had one kid crying for her dad and the other one yelling at me that she was going to pee her pants. Thankfully they l


et me go with a warning, but how embarrassing.

The next week my washer stopped working, I tried to see what was the problem but ended up having to call a technician, the drum of the washer was cracked and took overa month for new parts to be delivered to me. Finally, the tech came back to reassemble my washer, but the wrong parts were delivered to my house, NOOOOO! I had to wait another 2 weeks before I had a washer again! Thank goodness for awesome friends for allowing me to use theirs.


I was finally referred out to an Orthopedic surgeon who informed me that I had torn my meniscus, ouch! I had always had moved my knee-cap, so it now is out of line and rubs up against my other bone which causes a lot of my knee pain. AWESOME…. lots of physical therapy went into getting my knee fixed, which it is still not fixed, but we’ll get into that later!



Just sucked! I ended up in a car accident in my own driveway, yup you read that right! I was pulling into my driveway when the guy behind me wasn’t looking and hit the back end of my car.


Appliance number 2 of the deployment decided it wanted in on the fun. I woke up one morning to my kitchen flooded with water, my dishwasher stopped working. Oh joy! After getting new tubes and making sure it wasn’t clogged it was finally back to working again.15676089_10154843191759793_4728354809015679323_o

My car was finally done being fixed from my accident which was awesome news. My brother-in-law was up so I had him quickly dive me the 6 miles down the road to let me get my car. How do I know It’s exactly 6 miles? Funny you should ask…well, when we arrived at the auto body shop my brother-in-law dropped me off and proceeded to leave before making sure I was good to go. Well, it turned out that I only grabbed my keys and my wallet and forgot my phone at home. I waited a little bit to see if he would notice that I wasn’t behind him but nothing. Mind you its Sunday morning I’m in yoga pants and a sweatshirt, I didn’t bring a winter coat with me and it was about 40 degrees outside. I’m pretty sure every single person that passed me thought I was either on drugs or partied to hard the night before and was walking home. Finally, I made it home only to see my kids and brother-in-law watching a movie and eating donuts on my couch. When I informed him that I just walked home, he had told me he asked my 4-year-old where I was, because all 4 years old know where their moms are at. He said he thought I just went to a friend’s house. Ummmm hello, you have my children I would never just get up, leave and not tell you where I was going and when I would be back…MEN! Anyways we finally got the car jumped and back in my driveway! What a day that was.


We said see you later to my brother-in-law who PCS’ed to the west coast. It was such a pleasure to have him just 45 mins away for 4 years. The girls took it pretty hard, he was their best friend, it was one thing to have to say goodbye to their Dad but now it was time to say goodbye to their Uncle. Thank goodness for technology these days!


We kicked off February with appliance number 3 breaking. I swear it’s never ending! I16463271_10154995685239793_7237214008388721020_o was getting the girls breakfast ready when I noticed the temp seemed a little warm in the
fridge, I grabbed the milk and it wasn’t even cold. I opened up the freezer to find ice all up the back of the freezer. I disassembled the back and spent almost 3 hours unthawing the ice to find that the little heater thing needed to be replaced! Luckily, I didn’t have to buy a new fridge!


Oh man, this month was a good one, not really. If you thought I had it bad so far just wait!

So, my girls had a birthday to attend about 45 mins away. I went down early to get some errands done and one of the places I went was to the other Marine Corps Base.  Well while I was in the MCX my car died in the parking lot. No big deal, I mean I’m on a MC base lots of people can help me right! NOPE, let me say that again not a single Marine helped me! Yup my eyes where as big as yours right now when I asked 5 Marine to help me and they all said no!  One was a family, the wife said no they were too busy and didn’t have jumper cables. I informed them that I did but it was still a no, I was pissed! Mind you its 80 something outside and 100% humidity…Then I see a group of 3 Marines, so I asked them, I mean three Marine you would think one would want to show off his man card and help a lady out, no! One of them looked at me like I had 10 heads and didn’t say a word. I took it as it was the first time a woman actually spoke to him! The other two said they didn’t have time. I’m not going to lie I’m a little mad right about now, but then I see the next guy who is parked right in front of me, thank you Jesus! I totally thought this was the guy who would save the day, he didn’t look 12, he looked like he might know what he is doing, etc….ha-ha nope, he said he was late for an appointment (on a Saturday) and couldn’t but he was very sorry. Luckily friends of ours who were also going to the same party came and jumped my car for me, thank goodness. My next call was going to be to the police on base and honestly no one wanted that. I did however learn how to hold my composure and find my inner strength that day, so that’s a win!


Car Accident number two took place this month. This time in Target parking lot, the lady wasn’t paying attention and took out the entire front end of my car almost hitting the car next to me. All because she was too busy looking at her phone.

We did have one thing that was amazing happen to us in April and that was my husband FINALLY CAME HOME!!!!!!!!  Yayyyy!


Deployment number 6 went down in the books as one of the most eventful deployments we have ever had, it taught me A LOT! A lot about myself, and about others. It was one of the most challenging ones, but it taught me that I can handle more then I think I can. As I see other spouses go through their roller-coaster of deployment I hope they know that I am always here for them, I will come help them fix any appliance that breaks, jump a car that has dies no matter where they are, and watch their kiddos as they take some time to themselves. It is hard to go through a deployment but when Murphy’s law knocks on your door its ten times harder. You are not alone, you are stronger then you think you are, believe me!

-Homefront Housewife

Homecoming Image: Sera Bella Photography


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